Education systems should scrap morning lessons says students of university of Essex.

Is it true that students work well in the morning or straight after lunch?

After interviewing 4 students in the Starbucks Café on the 1st of October, four out of four agreed to the statement of student of students not working well after lunch or in the morning.  A second year International Relation student named Rahim said “it depends on how the student adapted to the time of working when growing up”  he also said “the time you wake effects the brain during study” he concluded to how difficult it is to focus the mind after lunch as the body gets tired.

“Most students prefer to stay in later at night and wake up later in the morning especially if an event happened the night before” says Rida who is an Economics and Accounting undergraduate. She said how she falls into the category of those who cannot concentrate in class in the morning or after lunch. A Literature and Creative Writing student who lives in University Quays said “I believe in the morning it is harder to concentrate, education system should scrap morning lessons and they should begin from 12pm.




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