Expectation of university life hits an all-time low

University of Essex students have sent complaints to the student information desk about the pricey washing machines and how they do not wash properly.
Thirty first year students have already sent complaints during the first term of the academic year. The complaints were about the clothes coming back out dirty or stained “The washing machines are useless first it is pricey, then it doesn’t even wash properly” says Temi-Tayo Adedeji, a psychology student age 20 who lives in Quays accommodation.

I interviewed a member of staff named Sarah French from student information desk who said, “The washing machines on campus are dealt with another company called Circuit and not by the university”
Since the washing rooms is not controlled by the university, there is little contribution the university can do to fix the problem. Although the university have nothing to do with the washing machines, I interviewed a group of 4 friends that live in the Meadows. They all think the university should still do something. One of the friend named Samuel Ogun said, “we pay to live here, we should be satisfied with the service provided” he added “this is not what I signed up for I expect for my clothes to be clean if I am paying for it to be washed, it is not fair”

Overall 13,194 students attend university of Essex Colchester, majority of first year students live on campus. The wash rooms are the only place students can wash their clothes unless the students go back to home. Another student named Thomas Dore said, “washing should be free since we pay rent”

The prices of the washes are also described as pricey according to students. The price of 1 wash is £2.40, an English student called Natasha Riley said she pays for disappointment when washing her clothes.



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