Students complain on overpriced shops on campus

The shops on campus in University of Essex are described as expensive in comparison to super store Tesco says students of university of Essex who were shopping in the student union shop.
The student union runs most of the commercial service on campus reflecting the university international community. After carrying out a survey outside the student union shop on the 3rd pf December, 11 students described the shops to be very expensive.

A student named Rebekka, said “the shops on campus are over charging students when the same items can be bought cheaper in Tesco” A pasta sauce that costs £0.75p in Tesco costs £1.35 in the student union store. A bar of Cadbury chocolate that costs £1.00 in Tesco costs £1.29p in the SU shop. Essential items such as toiletries that are supposed to be cheap especially for students are also costly. A packet of 6 toilet paper costs £7.60 whereas in Tesco it costs £4.85p.
There is a distance from Hythe Tesco and campus leaving students no choice but to do their shopping on campus. The walk is described as “off-putting” by a student named Jeffery.

Other than the overpriced shops, the student union employs about 380 student staff and 50 permanent staff to work in its shops, venues. The students wish for the prices of the shops on campus to be cheaper.

After interviewing the President of Student Union Zoe Garshong on the 5th of December 2017 she said she will consider the matter to see what she can do to help. She added “The SU does not set prices as the food get sent from a different organisation with set prices. She again added “But I can see what I can do”



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