Windrush: 63 people could have been wrongfully deported

The Home Office may have wrongfully deported 63 members of the Windrush generation, the home secretary has revealed.



Appearing in front of the home affairs select committee on 15th of May for the first time as home secretary, Sajid Javid, told MPs that 63 individuals had been identified as possible wrongful deportees.
The Home Office made the discoveries after investigating 8,000 deportation records of Caribbean-born immi-grants aged 45 and over.
Javid said that the figures were not conclusive and could change as his department continues their examina-tion of deportation records.
He said: “I’ve asked officials to be absolutely certain and thorough and check over every record and make sure.”
The wrongful removal of members of the Windrush generation applies to Caribbean nationals who were living in the UK legally and arrived in the country before 1973.
Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, said she was “glad we’ve got this figure”.
“I’ve been asking them for some time of the number of those who have been deported. I also want to know the figures of those who have been detained,” she said.
Sadiq Khan responded to the news on Twitter.
He said: “Shocked to hear Home Sec has admitted to Parliament that 63 people from the #Windrush genera-tion may have been wrongly deported. Govt must urgently provide answers on exactly how many have been affected, and what action is being taken to right this wrong.”








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